About the Community Suicide Prevention Group

Community Suicide Prevention Group

Our research informs policy and program development in the areas of crisis intervention and suicide prevention.

The Community Suicide Prevention Group, directed by Madelyn S. Gould, PhD, MPH, conducts research that targets priorities of the U.S. National Strategy for Suicide Prevention, including: 

  • Evaluation of suicide-prevention strategies, including telephone, chat, and text crisis services
  • Continuity-of-care enhancements, post-discharge from hospitals and emergency departments (EDs) 
  • Youth suicide screening programs
  • Suicide risk related to contagion and modeling, particularly cluster suicides and the effect of a peer’s suicide on fellow students

We primarily use epidemiological research methods in our studies. Data collection procedures include school-based surveys of general populations of high school students; self-report questionnaires completed by crisis counselors; telephone interviews with suicidal individuals; and abstraction of data from crisis chat transcripts, medical records, and national and state mortality records.

Our research findings have had a major impact on the evolution of suicide prevention strategies in both clinical and public health settings.