Summer and Fall 2018

School Anxiety Programming

This summer and fall, the Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CUCARD) Westchester is pleased to offer group services for adolescents struggling with school-related anxiety. For more information about any of the programs below, please contact us at 914-631-4618.

Back-to-School Groups: August 2018

Week-long groups will be offered for middle- and high-school students with a history of school-related anxiety. Groups are intended to supplement individual therapy. Groups will review anxiety-management strategies and will guide members in role-playing and practicing feared school situations, such as reconnecting with peers, transitioning to new schools and classes, and handling academic responsibilities.

Parent and Teen School Anxiety Groups: Fall 2018

CUCARD Westchester offers weekly group treatment for both adolescents struggling with school-related anxiety and their parents. Both groups are intended to supplement individual therapy occurring either at CUCARD Westchester or another setting. The adolescent group will (1) provide a supportive environment for group members to share experiences with other adolescents struggling with school-related anxiety, (2) review cognitive-behavioral strategies to manage anxiety, and (3) guide group members in facing feared school-related situations. The parent group will (1) assist parents in developing and executing more effective behavior-management strategies related to school avoidance, (2) guide parents in collaborating with school officials to facilitate their child’s consistent school attendance, and (3) afford the opportunity for group members to meet and learn from other parents dealing with similar challenges. Weekly groups will start in September.