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Our goal is to provide children with learning disabilities, their families, and their schools with the information and support that they need to succeed.

The Problem: Thousands of New York City school children struggle with undiagnosed learning disabilities. When learning is difficult, everything is difficult.

The Promise: The PROMISE Project is committed to making a difference by providing an educational path for underserved children who struggle with learning disabilities, evaluating their learning disabilities and getting them the support they need.

PROMISE at Columbia helps fulfill that commitment by providing consultations, evaluations, and clinical and support services to children, families, and schools. Our staff includes an interdisciplinary team of neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, and education coordinators.


  • Intake: A phone screening is conducted to determine if a child is eligible for PROMISE services.*
  • Initial Meeting: If a child is eligible and as availability permits, an initial meeting is scheduled with parents or caregivers. The goal of this meeting is to understand their questions about their child and their goals for the evaluation.
  • Evaluation: Children receive state-of-the-art neuropsychological assessments aimed at helping to identify the exact nature of each child's learning differences.
  • Feedback and Recommendations: After an evaluation is completed, we provide in-person feedback and a written report about the results. We discuss questions, concerns, and recommendations for support and services to help the child learn to his or her potential.
  • Advocacy: Our professional educational advocates will work with parents and caregivers, as well as the schools, to help advocate for interventions and support to help the child.
  • Guidance and Training: We understand that simply providing an evaluation is often not enough to guide caregivers and schools in understanding and addressing a child's learning needs. Our staff works with parents and schools to provide training and other resources for additional support.
  • Research: PROMISE also supports research into the possible causes and treatment options for learning disorders.

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*Please note that we prioritize accommodating families in financial need in the Washington Heights community. While PROMISE at Columbia aims to provide services to as many families in need as possible, please be aware that there may be a waitlist for services.