NVLD Workshops

NVLD Research Program

We have developed a series of workshops for general and special education faculty in lower-, middle-, and upper-school settings. Workshops provide in-service training on factors underlying behavioral and academic issues attendant to NVLD.

In general-education settings, the workshops focus on how to identify and support students with NVLD, as well as best practices for improving the social experiences of all students. School faculty can provide information on students’ social challenges that can be used to create a school self-assessment to determine the social climate in a school and to enhance the social experience of all students.

In special-education settings, the workshops provide information on how to identify NVLD and methods for differentiating instruction for students, taking account of their neurocognitive profiles, with a particular focus on NVLD and how to support the academic and social challenges faced by students with NVLD.

Collaboration with Mary McDowell Friends School

We currently consult with teachers and faculty at the school to develop strategies for supporting children with NVLD during group work in the classroom.