The NVLD Project MRI Study of Children and Adolescents

Cognitive Development & Neuroimaging Lab

The NVLD Project MRI Study of Children and Adolescents  



This Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD) study investigates neural circuits that support cognitive control and learning processes in children diagnosed with NVLD based on an extensive neuropsychological assessment conducted in our laboratory.

Study Activities

Children come with a parent to spend the day at New York State Psychiatric Institute at the Columbia University Medical Center. They complete paper and pencil and computerized tests of memory and thinking, as well as an MRI scan. MRI is a safe and painless method of taking pictures of the brain. Parents are asked to fill out surveys and answer questions about their children. Visits generally take six hours and can be scheduled after school, on Saturdays, or during school holidays.

Eligibility/Inclusion Criteria

Children ages 7–16 with a suspected diagnosis of NVLD are invited to participate.

Principal Investigators

Amy Margolis, Ph.D.
Rachel Marsh, Ph.D.

Contact Information

For more information, please visit RecruitMe and/or contact:

Lauren Thomas