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Nicotine. Priming Addiction Pathways.
Researchers have long known that tobacco can be a gateway to the use of harder drugs. But now a new animal study has found biological evidence that nicotine may actually enhance the effects of cocaine.

Deep Dive: How the Brain Develops, from Fetus through Adolescence
Richard Besser, Harold Koplewicz, Amir Levine, Catherine Limperopoulos, Patti Miller, Bob Roth. Aspen Ideas Festival. June 25, 2016

The Craving Brain: The Neuroscience Of Uncontrollable Urges
Elizabeth Vargas. Participants: Nora D. Volkow, Kim D. Janda, Eric Nestler, Amir Levine. The World Science Festival; The Kavli Foundation. May 31, 2014.

June 12, 2014                Why teenage boys do stupid things, a commentary on adolescent brain development.

Taped on July 5, 2012            The Aaron Harber Show, nationally syndicated talk show

April 4, 2012                           Fox 5 News live appearance

January 26, 2012                    FOXNEWSCHANNEL. " Live"

Taped on February 22, 2012  FOX NEWS CHANNEL. "Fox Extra"

Taped on January 25, 2012    NEWS 12 CONNECTICUT.  "12 on Health"


The Science of Breakups.
Levine, A., Rachel, S.F.H., The Daily Beast; Aug 2, 2011.

What Attachment Theory Can Teach about Love and Relationships.
Levine, A., Heller S.F.R. Scientific American Mind; 2011, Vol. 22 Issue 1 p56-61.

How much love do YOU need? Knowing your ‘attachment type’ could be the key to making relationships.
Levine, A., Heller S.F.H. The Daily Mail; 30th May 2011.

Unmasking Memory Genes; Molecules that expose our genes may also revive our recollections and our ability to learn.
Levine, A. Scientific American Mind; 2008, Vol. 19 Issue 3, p48-51.