About MMG

Methodology & Measurement Group

The Methodology and Measurement Group provides expert consultation on methodological and measurement/assessment issues. Their work focuses on nosology, measurement development, and suicide.

We conduct research with the goal of improving the conceptualization and measurement of child and adolescent psychiatric disorders. This work takes place within three main areas: 

  1. Continued development of the Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children (DISC) to include new DSM-5 diagnoses and in response to changes in the DSM diagnostic criteria. The DISC—a highly structured, respondent-based interview designed to be administered by lay interviewers (non-clinicians) or self-administered—assesses over 30 diagnoses of youth and is used widely in research. 
  2. Research using multiple existing epidemiological studies of psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents (all using the DISC for diagnostic purposes) to consider possible modification in the DSM nosological system. This work was initially conducted in support of the development of the 5th edition of the DSM, but continues in support of potential subsequent adjustments to accepted nosology.
  3. Research in support of determining whether new, but as yet unofficial, diagnoses are sufficiently valid for widespread clinical use. Current research includes the evaluation and standardization of criteria used in the evaluation of non-verbal learning disorder (NVLD), with the goal of submitting a proposal for the future inclusion of NVLD in the DSM.

The group also provides expertise and support in the areas of study design, measurement, and data analysis to faculty and fellows in the Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. The group provides consultation at each stage of the research process.