Brain Imaging Study

Posner Lab

Brain Imaging Study of Emotion Regulation in Youth with Anxiety



Anxiety disorders in youth are extremely common and presage the development of other debilitating psychiatry disorders, such as depression and substance abuse. In this study, we will test whether anxious youth regulate their emotion (for example, fear) using brain imaging techniques.

Why Are We Doing This Study?

  • This study aims to understand the brain circuit underlying emotion dysregulation in children with anxiety.
  • Results from this study could help develop a new way for early detection and intervention of childhood anxiety.

What Does This Study Involve?

This study involves two visits and consists of the following:
  • A screening visit to determine if your child is eligible, including a free, thorough, psychiatric evaluation.
  • A secondary visit for brain imaging and cognitive testing; brain imaging will include an emotion task where a child’s brain response to emotion related cues will be monitored using MRI.

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

Children ages 6–17 with or without anxious symptoms.



Study testing, medication, and evaluations are provided at no cost to you. You and your child will receive compensation up to for your participation, in addition to reimbursement for transportation, up to $120.


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