Jiook Cha, PhD

Jiook Cha
Research Scientist
Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Dr. Cha studies the brain circuitry of maladaptive emotion and cognition across the lifespan. His goal is to develop an imaging-based assay for brain disorders that can be used in clinical settings. To this end, his current research focuses on assessing functional neuroanatomy in normal and disease states.   Dr. Cha uses interdisciplinary science, such as brain imaging (e.g. MRI), cognitive and affective neuroscience (e.g., threat-safety learning), mathematical modeling (e.g., Bayesian learning theory), high-throughput image analysis (e.g., functional and structural connectivity or connectome mapping) using parallel computing, and computational analysis (e.g., machine learning). He studied Environmental and Ecological Engineering at Korea University (Bachelor of Science), Neurobiology at Catholic University of Korea (Master of Science), and Neuroscience at the State University of New York at Stony Brook (PhD; Advisor: Dr. Lillianne Mujica-Parodi). In 2016, he completed his postdoctoral research fellowship in the Posner Lab (directed by Dr. Jonathan E. Posner) and an NIMH–supported T32 research fellowship in the Eating Disorders Program (directed by Drs. Evelyn Attia and B. Timothy Walsh). In 2016, he started training in Patient-Oriented Research via the Career Development Award (KL2) supported by NIH CTSA (Clinical Translational Science Award) and the Irving Institute at Columbia University. In the same year, Dr. Cha was appointed as Assistant Professor of Neurobiology. His research has been funded by NIMH (K01), NARSAD (Young Investigator Award), Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (Young Investigator Award), CU-the University of Glasgow (Research Exchange Fellowship), and the New York State Psychiatric Institute (Pilot MRI awards).